Brazhnikov & Partners is now in London

Brazhnikov & Partners is now in London

For almost 9 years in the market for the provision of licensed legal services in the field of maritime law in the Netherlands, the private joint-stock company with limited liability «Brazhnikov and Partners» has been operating, and very successfully, under the leadership of an experienced international lawyer Petr Brazhnikov

    The company provides a wide range of services in the field of international maritime law, accompanies ship charter transactions, represents the interests of ship owners in arbitration and arbitration courts.

    As more and more international and multinational ship-owning corporations trust the experts of Brazhnikov & Partners to manage their business, the owner of the company decided to open representative offices of the firm in Malta, Cyprus and Great Britain.

     Petr Brazhnikov states: “Our company needs neither good nor bad advertising, our results and achievements speak for us. Fortunately, the economic crisis did not affect the industry, but, on the contrary, served in many ways as a stimulus for development. Therefore, we decided to expand. Already in three new offices in Great Britain (London), Cyprus (Limassol) and Malta (Valletta), we provide services for the registration of ships, management companies, help to conduct an audit of ships, advise owners of shipowners on business management, represent legal entities in international maritime courts, conduct legal due diligence of contracts on the basis of international rights. We look to the future with confidence and are confident that the impeccable reputation of our company and the professionalism of the company’s employees are the key to long-term cooperation with our clients based on honesty and trust. «

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